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blue star radio

Dec 7, 2020

1 voice of vietnam 15.012 khz (1975) 2 brian eno 'the big ship' 3 the perfectly violent dream 'in my room' 4 tv on the radio 'satellite' 5 the sisters of mercy '1969' 6 neil landstrumm 'chincy' 7 armand hammer 'no days off' 8 parni valjak 'hrast' 9 ike & tina turner 'bold soul sister' 10 can 'mother sky (pilooski edit)' 11 james reese & the progressions 'i'll find a true love' 12 gloria ann taylor 'jolene' 13 tones on tail 'now we lustre' 14 bataille 'break it down' 15 ros serey sothea 'superstar' 16 johnnie frierson 'have you been good to yourself' 17 los angeles negros 'como quisiera decrite' 18 gaudi 'theremin memoir' 19 arleta 'mia fora thymamai' 20 joe brown & the soul elderados 'vibration pt II' 21 dirty three 'i remember a time when once you used to love me' 22 donovan 'atlantis'

pv dream